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Pile turners

Pile turners for turning, jogging, aerating and pallet handling in the printing and packaging industry

We supply an extensive range of different types of pile turners for the printing and packaging industry. This commences with the stacking preparation for the printing process, continues through to the preparation of the die-cutting process and continues through to the turning and pallet exchange of laminated and digitally printed sheets. All pile turners can be equipped with jogging and aerating units. This enables the removal of waste sheets by the operator, the separation of sticking sheets, the blowing-out of dust that is trapped between sheets and the alignment of the pile as part of the preparation for the printing or the die-cutting process.

The pile turner can come equipped with a centring device in order to position the pile in the middle of the pallet. The pile turners enable the exchange of damaged pallets or the change from the wooden pallets, which are frequently used for delivering the primary material, to system pallets for the fully-automated non-stop process. The pile turners can be equipped with conveying technology and, by adding machinery, can be turned into fully-automated palletisation or pallet exchange systems.

They are characterised by the following points:

  • Preparation of the pile for the printing, die-cutting or laminating process
  • Turning of laminated sheets and corrugated cardboard
  • Usability of all standard pallets, including disposable pallets
  • Jogging and aerating for separating sticking sheets and for aligning the pile
  • Removal of waste sheets by the operator during the preparation of the pile
  • Blowing-out of dust between the sheets
  • Turning of the pile for reverse printing
  • Replacement of damaged pallets
  • Replacement of wooden pallets with system pallets for the non-stop process
  • Optional centring device for positioning pile at the centre of the system pallet
  • Integrated conveying technology with plastic belt or roller conveyor
  • Optional automatic pallet handling

The maximum sheet sizes for our standard models of pile turner are:

  • Pile turner model VBH: 750 x 1060 mm
  • Pile turner model VB: 1220 x 1650 mm
  • Pile turner model E: 2100 x 3200 mm


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