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Conveyor technology

The high demands made on the quality of the pile of printed sheets in the modern world of offset sheet printing and digital printing make explicit demands on the handling of the pile. First of all, the sheet sizes are increasing all the time and, hence, the piles and the used pallets are also becoming increasingly heavier. Automatic handling is thus preferred over manual handling since automatic handling considerably reduces the physical load on and the risks to the health of the operator. Furthermore, in order to attain the tremendous printing speeds required, the piles must be aligned with exact precision and be positioned just right in the feeder.
We recommend the automatic transportation of the pile to the feeder following the preparation of the pile in the pile turner. Since no manual intervention is required, the quality of the pile remains consistent as far as the feeder. The automatic transport of the empty pallets from the feeder to the delivery following the fully-automatic pile exchange in the feeder lets the operator concentrate more on the actual printing process.
The automatic discharge of the full pallet following the printing process – either to the next working step at the die cutter or to an intermediate warehouse – reduces travel paths and the amount of work required, therefore cutting down on lost time for the employee. The changing-over of the pile from the delivered wooden pallet to a system pallet requires the lifting and setting-down of extremely heavy pallets. This working step can be automated, easing the strain on the employees. For all of these reasons, pile handling is increasingly being fully automated in modern printing works, being assumed by conveying systems aligned to match the individual requirements. The standard conveying height of our systems is 100 mm. Depending on the conveying system, a conveying height of 80 mm is also realisable. We have in our range of products plastic belt conveyors for the pallet-free transport of the piles for laminated sheets, digital printed sheets and for the corrugated cardboard industry. Depending on the design, they have a conveying height of between 200 mm and 350 mm.

Pallet dispensers /-collectors

In addition to the logistics systems and pile turner, Krifft & Zipsner also produces professional pallet dispensers /-collectors as well as supporting plate systems for feeder and delivery for the national and international printing and packaging industry.

Our portfolio comprises:

  • Roller conveyors
  • Chain conveyors
  • Plastic belt conveyors
  • Turntables
  • Corner transfer units
  • Belt conveyors
  • Pallet dispensers and pallet collectors
  • Transfer cars with one or several holding areas
  • Jam storage on one or two levels
  • Vertical conveyors
  • Supporting plate systems for feeder and delivery of printing, die-cutting and laminating machines
  • Material tracking systems
  • Robot technology
  • AGV (automatic guided vehicle)