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Krifft & Zipsner North America Inc

We hereby inform you that since the first of April 2019 the operative business of the Krifft & Zipsner North America Inc started in Atlanta (Tucker).

Two years ago Krifft & Zipsner signed a cooperation agreement with CICODS Corp. to support the existing customer business in the USA, Canada and Mexico.

At that time, our local North American presence was established to provide technical support and spare parts to our customers and OEMs who integrate our logistics solutions into their production portfolio.

With the increasing acceptance by our customers and the growing business requirements related to an internationally operating organization, we are pleased to announce that from the first of April 2019 we operate with an office and warehouse in Atlanta (Tucker, Georgia) in cooperation with a service provider (GATC).

Mr. Axel Conrads (CICODS) will continue to be our sales and service partner for the North America market.

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Krifft & Zipsner North America Inc
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Nortech Solutions APS
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Beswick Machinery (Pty) Ltd
Bruce Beswick
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387 Devereux Avenue,
Winchester Hills, 2091
Johannesburg, South Africa
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